Milan 1-1 Genoa



Chievo 0-0 Milan

Si intravedono fulgidi orizzonti..


DNA Champions: Milan 2 – 0 Celtic

Milan rattoppato ma vincente

Milan, non ti vedo, dove sei finito? Torino 2-2 Milan


Nuove casacche AC Milan 2013-2014

Ecco le nuove maglie dell’Adidas.. superfluo dirlo, ma siamo sempre i piu’ belli!


Habemus Marius!!!


Mario Balotelli finalmente al Milan (non Rocchi)

“Oh Balotelli he’s a striker…
He’s good at darts.
He’s allergic to grass,
but when he plays he’s fucking class.
Drives round Moss Side
with a wallet full of cash,
Can’t put on his vest
But when he does he is the best.
Goes into schools,
tells teachers all the rules.
Sets fire to his gaff
with rockets from his bath.
Doesn’t give a fuck,
‘cause he did it for a laugh,
Runs back to his house
For a suitcase full of cash,
Oh Balotelli …”



Eurogol di El 92, Mexes e Pato: Anderlecht ko e il Milan vola agli ottavi di Champions!

Anderlecht ko, il Milan vola agli ottavi

One more time...



Mercato Milan: non si bada a spese!

Milan: le gioie del mercato low-cost

Buon San Valentino amore! <3 <3 <3

Habemuz Lopez!?!

Maxi Lopez @ A.C. Milan ?

Maxi Lopez @ A.C. Milan ?